• Zillow Real Estate Search Review : Surprisingly helpful.

    Zillow Real Estate Search Review : Surprisingly helpful.

    In the weekends the last few years, I have several important functions in the use of my phone using searched the house. Zillow is one of the many applications of real estate I had installed, but I always came back to him because he did the right thing I needed. It is so convenient to put in your settings for the home that you, the price, have a bedroom, bathroom, square footage, and then scan it for homes for sale in accordance with the parameters in the neighborhood. The great thing is, I can click on the house and a quick image and some basic information about them. So I can see in the image, be it an instant no-go, or if I can, I can choose “Directions” and bam – Google Nav takes over and leads me to the next house.

    I spent 7 hours last time I was out. I forgot the time going from one house to another to another. Definitely a great product, and in my opinion, much better than other real estate applications that I used.

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  • Moving Planner Review : Buyer beware – don’t buy this app from Amazon

    Moving Planner Review : Buyer beware - don't buy this app from Amazon

    I am moved and downloaded the application based on ratings and functionality. One problem is the functionality described for version 3.0. The version 2.0 is sold on Amazon. Do not know why Amazon is not the version 3.0. Needless to say, the lesson learned is to check the first Google Android Market make Amazon the latest version of the application before buying it on Amazon. While the stars are really more reflects an outdated version Amazon sells me from using the application, as I thought, making it less useful, so 3 stars.

    The application itself has a predefined list of almost every conceivable thing, something that someone wants to go, might be to keep track. In fact, I found myself not delete some items that are not applicable to my situation. In addition, it is easy to add new categories and entries. Only wish I could import / export / share list, as described, but you need version 3.0 for das.

    The publisher is promising free updates for life, but the downside is the software is useful in life is when you move, limiting for me, I do not expect to do for the indefinite future. BTW, a lot of planners in other applications such as editing / list for other occasions too. Check them out.

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