Adobe AIR Review : Best thing to ever happen to mobile computing.

What company in their right mind wants to pay several times to have developed their applications on multiple platforms native. If they write their sin / Flash Flex and once they run on all platforms. You can work with Adobe to understand all the differences between the platforms. If you want multiple platforms native properly, you might want to expert developers working on each platform, so we have different developer for each platform, such as Web, IOS, Android, WebOS, Blackberry, and Mac Windows operating systems, to name a few at. call
A well-written application flash is as good as any native application. And a shit written native app is as bad as all flash app written shit

Flash and AIR on my Evo and Samsung 4G Galaxy TAB great, but it seems a bit slow on my Xoom, but better with an update bad. I hope Adobe will eventually fix completely inertia.

I am a developer for many years on many different platforms and IDE Flex / Flash with other Adobe products that came with the CS5.5 Suites the best set of tools I never used to develop applications I was and the creation of images, advertisements, manuals, etc. ..

Before becoming a bad review you read the description it says, the phones are not compatible at the moment!

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