Age of Conquest Lite Review : Awesome turn based strategy game

It is a great strategy game turn-based, or TBS, as Sid Meier’s Civilization V, unless it is very small and runs on a phone with a minimum of data.

There is no way of technology and the graphics are simple but very nice. It’s just a fun game to conquer the whole map of Europe.

What is the difference between this game and the paid version, Age of Conquest: Europe?
* In this free version, you do not need diplomacy or empire management options, as you do in the paid version
* This version has only one simple option, you can not use AI intelligence, as in the paid version
* Both versions have only the map of Europe. You must purchase the bundle, how different applications.
* In this version you are in Italy firmly in the paid version, you can choose anywhere you like.

As I write this, Amazon has one card you buy, can this map of Europe, but there are others available if you just need to know where.

+ Very funny
+ Learn quickly
+ Games last about 1-2 hours
+ Tons of different colors to defeat enemies
+ Animations are simple, so they work well even on slow phones

-A single map of Europe, including an update if the paid version
In a single-card, I mean that land divisions remain the same from one season to

Technical Data:
* Size on my laptop: 2.21 MB
* Move to SD Card: Yes
Version Verification *: 1.0.20
* My Phone Huawei Ideos (Comet T-Mobile), the phone slow

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