Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips Review : It was all great until stage 4.

Step 4 is where the game is a slow and painful death cause. The route is very congested. It is difficult, a building behind a large aircraft when another aircraft is made from flight. Messages that, if completed aircraft refueling / Be are located at this level is hidden behind the plane to its left. If you have a chain of events for an aircraft, it is almost impossible to do at this stage because of the new component of the conveyor belt. I set up a flight after repairs, gas, loading dock, airstrip. But somewhere there are margins and decide half way they wanted to use the conveyor belt. So I forgot the plane at that time and in the other occupied the stage, and it is to lose the happiness and blocking other aircraft fuel … etc. So I find and requeue all other repairs and then it will not allow me to queue at the loading dock or take-off and landing strip for the taps of the first year. (By the time I lose money and happiness throughout plane’m other dealing with this glitch, and can hardly see what aircraft ready to fly again or what’s coming.) I use Intercept a Samsung. Latest software.

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