Aldiko eBook Reader Review : Not bad, but not perfect

Pros: Shelf display of your books
Cons: I’ve had several force closes (Asus Transformer) and it caused a Droid2 Global to fully reboot.

The interface works and is very flexible, but there is something that irks me. I don’t like that you have to use the ‘add’ button to add to the library instead of just dropping in a folder on the SD card (as with Kindle or Nook). As a result, I need to move books to a temporary spot so it can copy them into its library, an unnecessary (to me) step. I’m sure it has to do with the indexing and library functions.

Overall, I think the Nook app is the best reader, but any books you put on yourself instead of from B&N goes into a “documents” area. Kindle is better than Aldiko but all files need to be converted to .mobi and won’t work with Adobe Digital Editions (library books, etc). So I rate this third place, but is still the one I use because I can see my library on a shelf, even books I buy from third party vendors or from Project Gutenberg.

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