Aldiko eBook Reader Review : Not too shabby

eBooks can be read on the world below, it seems, and here’s one more drive in my machine. So far I have applications for the Kindle, Nook, Google, and now that choice. I made a mistake about each of them pretty, check what they have to offer and how they are easy to use.

Compared to the other three already mentioned, standing Aldiko in some ways. First of all, performance. Page flipping is quite slow and I was not able to find a way to change this place. It feels a bit slower in general browsing of the libraries. Second, it allows you to pick up several other libraries, while the other only with their own characteristics and public domain books for free stuck. Get these other libraries (catalogs) is installed quite easily, if you can find them. Before I had a few web searches and trial and error, I have successfully connected, and built in help Aldiko had nothing more to say except to go, how to add. At least it is already contained four different libraries. Finally, it is not as nice as the others. It is a matter of personal taste, as it is read with print / ebook, but it’s pretty important for me to mention.

I hope you have this review helpful. If not, please leave comments / questions.

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