An Indie Game Review : More rain than shine

Samsung Epic officially Android 2.2
Viewsonic gtablet, Calkulin Clemsyn + 1.5GHz Combo Froyo V6

Reminiscent of Mario is a game is a jumper indie side-scrolling, playing a course not licensed Indiana Jones character. Or at least a sign that looks like him. The scrolling action is true at a fixed rate, where you jump or die, does not allow a break. Points are given for the inclusion of precious stones and other objects. The best help you started, where it tells you what type of page to jump and tap the side to use your weapon. In the top left is a? you can use to see what’s what. The background graphics are quite decent, but not in HD, of course, but the level of N64 or PS1. The graphics online, and how the characters are not so hot on closer inspection 8bit than anything else. This is particularly evident when used with a tablet. The controls are not nearly sensitive enough, and not carefully explained. Overall, indie game just is not fun for me.

I hope you found this helpful, and if not, feel free to comments / questions on the left.

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