App 2 SD Pro Review : Nifty, but would like more

Testing Equipment: Samsung Epic officially Android 2.2

Hoenstly fact, I avoided this thing like the plague. I mean, I have the option of applications on the SD card to go there in the OS. Not too long ago, I made twins App Manager, which adds the ability to batch operations. I was not entirely happy with him because he is a bit slow and the interface is a bit ridiculous. Task Killer met, I moved just to the same application functionality such as notifications available when a new application was installed on the phone and could be moved to the SD card. As a promotional gift of today, I thought go ahead and try it, give a comparison with the other two. App Note can not move two applications to the SD card SD if they are not designed for that.

App 2 SD Pro easily beats the other two watch. The interface is simple to understand and work with, but unfortunately lacks a batch function. Although you can make a train, but you can not choose to do, and leave the other. Too bad, because what I liked was sure the other two. How Task Killer App 2 SD provides alerts when new applications can be moved, and it works fine. Uninstalling can be done, and a detailed inspection applications. And finally, applications 2 SD is a feature that is not the other – cleaning the cache. It will come as a cache is used to properly inform and offer to make it clear to you. You can also delete the cache manually, if you want.

The only thing missing really, really, and lacks the other two were as a method to clean all that stuff. If you move or choose to uninstall, delete all three applications on the App Info page on the Android OS. You then manually tell, what does Android. Perhaps this is a function / limitation of Android, but I would really like an app that does not see that, but the procedure takes no further interaction.

App 2 SD Pro to take over the Task Manager or Gemini Killer App? I’ll Task Killer for him, but without the batch function, they can not replace App Manager twins for me.

In short, it’s my two cents. I hope you found this helpful, and if not, please comment.

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