App 2 SD Pro Review : not useless to me, even with Android 2.3.3!

This is my first review for any application. I verify that I almost did not tell the application a chance after reading a review in a star, “Do not waste your time, it’s useless.” Critics have said that the software does not offer anything that is not already (to manage the settings, applications, SD) in versions 2.3 +. Contain not true Well, I guess the reviewers pointing to apps on the SD tab in the new version, which can now be moved, and those who already have left a list of all been.However seem to have on your phone, so you have to sort the full list of applications on the lookout for those without a boat. This app is sorting for you, which is not totally useless! I could have given this 4 stars instead of 5, only because it is a trick pony. But I wanted a little recognition for other critical it works, and could be very useful for users, but gives a star because it does not recognize the value of a sorting program with not-yet-moving, but the travel programs for you. I do. It m has saved a lot of time 16 apps free movement of more than 150 are already on my card. It works the same on my EVO Dev.of that could go 16 years, I applied there were two, I do wanted to move. I tried pressing and got a pop-up with “ignore brand” and it.even was, if I had this thought, it looks like I jumped when it came to move. (If you come now to “go together” any application as if you had chosen in the App Manager screen when you are ready to come back and hit the next screen appears automatically ..) I, m sure that I often use this program to fast with my FAOTDs.

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