App 2 SD Pro Review : Use with caution, otherwise a great little utility to have.

The app seems pretty nice. It works as advertised, but for some users, especially those who do not know what they are doing is dangerous. And unfortunately, this app seems they focused on.

The words that are sure Androiding? Not all applications can be moved should be moved.

Preliminary tests carried out shows that you can not use widgets, applications on the external SD card housed. While I think most of you know, the Android veterans, but it will be repeated. Seems pretty safe otherwise. Will be back with more when I’m done.
Now I have to on Pandora, and other applications that I use Evernote with widgets back on the phone.


I’m done with testing.

Recent tips:

Do not move first security applications on SD, even if it is “authorized.” Keep all based security such as antivirus / anti-malware stuff in the phone memory.
Try second life, background images do not move the DD.
3rd Do not move your applications depend heavily (like alarms) to the SD.
In the fourth I mention not to move applications with widgets that you will use for SD. Apps do not show their widgets on the widget screen, if moved to SD. Everyone I tested behaved in this way. It is safe to move applications with widgets, if you never had the intention of the widgets on the screen.

1.2 and 3 are on the simple fact that can not SD cards. There are anomalies, where do they go bad or the camera can not recognize them if this happens briefly, then said device unstable (gels, many FCS), if certain types of applications on the SD card, or you risk could render can not wake up (in relation to the use of the device as an alarm).

Once you know what you do? Great App.

Note to the people of this notation 1 or 2 to “do what the OS is not”, please stop. Many applications default Android not good. They improve the function / feature and make it better. I think this app not to.

Download NOW!!!