Application Folder Pro Review : 5-star desktop organizer (loses 1 star for lack of documentation)

Pro application folder can be one of the most useful applications, low-cost “maintenance” as soon as you can understand how to set up and use it correctly. Unfortunately, app documentation is not available and learn how to use Pro app folder is no different than working to solve a puzzle. I’m probably 80% as “me and I will keep this application to better manage my screen (with XOOM honeycomb), but I fear that some of them may leave in frustration, before we realize its benefits .

So let’s see if this helps:


Pro App folder allows you to group applications, bookmarks and contacts into custom folders. You can create as many personal folders as you want and you can then place the contents of a widget can be placed on the screen.

The widget allows you to control how you look at your records and will act on your screen.

Create a folder

This may seem like a difficult process, but once you get it once or twice it quickly and easily. That’s how it goes.

First, it is interesting to note that the installation of Pro App folder, an application called “editor file” (you’ll see in apps) and two widgets, called “application I” and “Application Folder II, “available can add widgets.’s about setting a record, one of the widgets on the desktop and to associate them with one of the folders you created earlier.

– Step 1 – Create a folder.
* Run “Create Folder Editor” and “tap” into a new folder.
* Tap on the new generic folder icon opens a window with three files: 3 classes to choose from: a dynamic brand that internal symbols (several dozen) and a “class of the gallery,” I found a drawing or Select a photo on my tablet, it can.
* Next, place the folder (with a background window, bubble light or dark, or screen to scroll the map), if the labels must be displayed and so on. This can be revisited once the file is displayed on the desktop.
* You can now name the new folder (default name is “New Folder”), by clicking on its name.
* Finally, add the content. The editor displays or applications, bookmarks, or contacts, if you have made your choice, but you can use any combination of the three to visit and to choose in each category.

STEP 2 – Place a widget on the desktop.
* On my tablet Honeycomb I type on the + (plus) in the upper right corner of my office and select the “widgets”.
* One click is set to ‘Application Folder “I or II to send a copy to my standard desktop, or I can drag it to each of the five workstations.
* On the desktop there is now a placeholder icon with “New Folder” name.
* Tapping must open a selection of preconfigured folders, including the just created in step 1.
* The choice of this file to “search folder” on the screen and there is a “stop and Apply” bar, when you type “fill” the space on the desktop with the properties of the selected folder.

STEP 3 – Keep
* Click on each file has a “Preferences”. You can press to rename the file, add or delete content and change their appearance.


As I said, it takes some getting used to, but if you look at the process … You have a desktop computer more concise. I like the fact that the “file as a content” regardless of physical form that you created on your desktop. This way you will not lose your files when you delete the desktop image.

In addition to the lack of documentation, there is room for improvement, the biggest “issue” on the desktop again, is 2 x 1, which is pretty low on my XOOM. I would really 3 x 3-option, and perhaps to see more display options.

As it is now, this is still a very useful application. Properly documented, it would have been a 5 star +. As it is now is a 4-star enthusiastic.

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