Application Folder Pro Review : Needs improvements before being usable

The good: I love the clean surface and white coming out of the widget. The bad: Everything else. far too many steps to make things, to add files. The symbols? They are ridiculously small. Can barely see the small pictures of some of them. The variety of icons / folder is missing. Only a handful to choose from, and none of them are pretty useful for primary caterories for a desk phone. Main needs of the icons category type such as communication, games, fun, App Store, economics, finance, procurement, social networks, music …. much clearer than that this app is the provision of these. and really, says the widget menu changes (or something similar) and also the instructions say, the size of the widget / label can be easily changed … But what if the selection on the menu, nothing happens? Requires an explanation or correct. Im just glad he is free application of the day and I did not pay for this thing before, how different it offers. Good program, good idea, but does not really pack a shock to your desktop look better or make files easier to manage.

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