Audubon Birds: A Field Guide to North American Birds Review : Informative but poorly implemented

Although textual information to the individual approach of the bird is not that content in an Audubon field guide, it’s nice to have aa large number of images and voices of birds in an application. Unfortunately, the final implementation of this application is wrong. This is probably because the application was originally written for the iPhone and then slightly revised was made to operate on Android. As of this review are more Android phones will sell the iPhones, it’s time for software developers for Android to own what they earn, either native implementations for Android or Web application that runs on any mobile platform.

What is bad for the owners of Android scaled out of focus-of-images and uneven to support screen rotation. I can only guess that the graphics have been made to a different screen resolution and then just for Android, rather than re-adjusted to the correct size. The initial screen you see is a fuzzy-looking display of icons, not a good first impression. Many of the list of screens rotate with the phone, but the page, not the poster bird of information. I can scroll through a list with the phone in landscape mode, but once I select a bird on the side and the information I need to put the phone upright format.

The size of the photo-type is low. Multi-touch zoom on the photos is not supported, you must select the zoom button, then use the zoom in / out buttons below the image. Photos will not change the orientation when the phone is turned, the phone still in the portrait (vertical) will be. When the zoom in photo images with higher resolution can not be used so that the image is just “squat”. In fact, there is no reason to zoom in a photo because he does not see the detail. I also discovered that if I zoom into a landscape picture is distorted and stretched vertically. Portrait images are stretched horizontally when zooming

Unfortunately, this application is not up to the high standards set by the Audubon publications, and he throws a bad light on the Audubon. The software can be classified in its design as a hobby. I suspect that Audubon develop an agreement with Green Mountain Digital for this software (and other digital field guides) because they are not the same type of internal expertise in telephony applications of IT in the ‘book and decided they would not acquire the necessary know-how. Audubon must require that contracted or “alliance” with the software to respond to their names on the high quality standards. Unfortuantely, the more I use, the less I like it. I would like to replace my mammals and tree identification books with phone applications, this application has convinced me that the name of Audubon jump and elsewhere.

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