Baseball Superstars 2011 Review : Seriously Guys

These reviews are all garbage. They complain of the game, they suck and it by skipping parts of the game. First, check your settings! There are tons of adjustments in the game. The reason is probably jumped sleeves for you that you wanted to play with the dough. Hitting is very simple and takes place at home, are not random, it is a question of timing. For a dollar, you are still tons of content and a lot of games. Do not expect this style of simulation game complete, it certainly has its moments arcade.

For those of you who are not on the playing field to where it should go to complain. If you go to options and chose a teaching style pitching you more control and your control pitchers attributes effect until the end where the ball will have. Do you really think in real life jugs can simply choose a location in the strike zone and press consistently? Their launchers levels of fatigue during the game plays a big factor. My biggest problem with the pitch is that hitters do opposing teams on likely locations outside of the zone and basically took all that you can land in the area. This is where I think the game will be as arcadey. I played countless games where the end result is 18-12 and I find myself on both ends of the spectrum.

The highlight of this game are the “My Season” mode where you play a game for RPG style whether it be a pitcher or a hitter can begin. Games can be very fast (the game sims automatically by parts in the game where you play as your character only) and you can take time to develop your character in an animal.

Personally, I’d rather feel nine innings for a single SIM card, but for my home-run, I enjoy this game corrects

If you have not already read this game will ask your permission, GPS, using probably the most childish complaint I’ve read through these comments. You should never really considered critical and should be removed from the card because they have nothing to do with the game itself. Enjoy:)

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