Battleheart Review : Great Time Killer

Specifications: CM7 SDBattleheart corner with a real-time tactical role-playing to cook for 5-10 minutes is filled with levels of combat. Gameplay of the meeting a 4-digit advantage, choose a level and killing all the waves of enemies. But while they equip better items and select specific abilities.The gameplay is touch and drag. They move from one character to a target and the target is attacked or healed. In addition, each class has its own special abilities that are activated to control the battle in your real favor.My only gripe with the game, the character healer is almost a requirement to build an airplane. Yes, you could take advantage of gaps in the IA and draw a character of the attack and dance on the screen, while attacking the other characters, but it would be tedious and boring. Even the bard character does not give enough to adhere to the need for healing the healers to be removed. That said, there are a variety of options for tanks (character with armor to take the weight of the attack) and the end characters.In support, it is a fun game for hours of fun game .

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