Beat the Traffic Plus Review : Why is it so slow?

Testing Equipment: Samsung Epic officially Android 2.2

Seems like a good idea, but it just does not work and I would have liked. This is my first foray into an app traffic accident, so I’m probably asking too much. Nice touch on updating the data every now and then, but I came across a couple of times when the update has taken all the data on road conditions, rather than upgrade. (Something tells me that the streets not to break slowdown, not a slowdown, in minutes, like magic.) Bravo for the opportunity to use the application in landscape or portrait mode, but switching between them has problems. 70-10 seconds of rest between the actual change, and your location on the map disappears. Zoom in or disappears on the map to your location marker there. The Forcasting is useful, but it was too long to update or try to tell me that the traffic will magically disappear and reappear an hour later. Oh, and the reporting function. Someone did say that there is an accident / road hazard / construction? Tinker with it, I often received error messages do not have a network if you try to connect. Odd, because I was still just opinions and other data services at the time. Perhaps the app is not like that, I ticked on the highway when I report, or try something.

Anyway, it’s a interesting little soft, but certainly not of interest of $ 4. It’s just too slow and not functioning properly all the time.

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