Bluetooth File Transfer Review : Outstanding product for wireless file transfer

I found this app, just after I had my first Android phone almost a year ago.

Banzai! I was delighted. You will too. It is so convenient to be able to ring tones and images and other files on the SD card or business * * phone with someone else, the right Bluetooth profiles enabled.

Also, if you have a Bluetooth dongle on your computer, you can transfer files back from the computer to fit your phone. It’s very cool because you do not bother to connect phone to the computer for fast data transfer. I am a lot when I got my phone.

What do you know about Bluetooth is that it was designed as a highly modular, so service providers can control the functions available with a large granularity. For example, Verizon is usually only allows hands-free “and” Headset Profile. Thus, most of their non-smartphones (most importantly) you can not send / receive files via Bluetooth. Samsung is a matter of chance. The story is that just because * you * can send and receive files does not mean that the Schlub around you can be on their phones suck. Think of it as an opportunity to be smug. : P

Another thing – the file size, at least for this version 1.8 MB. This is really great. But you can go to your SD card and it brings in about 0.9 MB of internal memory.

Great app and free is a good price, but it would be worth buying if they were not free.

Download NOW!!!