Bubble Buster Review : Stuck in Paradise

I love this app, and it plays and looks fabulous on the ASUS Transformer 3.2 Honeycomb tablet. My only complaint is that it is a miracle for 98th level since I try not to try more than one hundred and. I read the other reviews on this level and understand, too, had to try as much as I went, and when she “accidentally that he” thought “wow” it’s over, just on another level very drive hundreds of tests meeting.

This is not the problem is that I break through a few levels and having to work hard on some levels, which is fun. This is when a certain level, this is difficult, it is not fun to play. I know that when I take the tablet and think about what to play, Bubble Buster Level 98 is not my first choice. I wonder if the developer has actually managed to repeat the passage, the 98th How to do something:)

Even though I have this complaint, I still recommend this app, as you can repeat levels, even if you are stuck in 98th

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