Bus Jumper Review : Clearing up Amazon's misleading description

[Edit] Amazon has corrected the error in the description

I am the developer of the game, and I want to correct some errors in the “Product Features” section. This was from someone at Amazon and probably someone who wrote the game played.

* Accelerometer-based gameplay – The game does not use the accelerometer. You tap the screen to jump to make the bus

* Space saving if you lose – it is really a procedural world created so that you can not die. It saves the highest level you’ve ever done, but it’s not quite the same “space saving, if you lose,” as

* School on the theme of the characters – Well, OK, you are the controller with a yellow bus, so I think it’s something to correct

I do not know if the comments in another language and something was lost in translation, or the examiner is not my game It’s funny to think that were the case, and thought, by tilting the phone from occurring.

Hopefully this will avoid some trouble when someone downloads the game is based on the description of Amazon, and then discovered that the game is nothing that says the collection.

And finally, here’s a video on YouTube shows what looks like the game I got this from Amazon, but they forgot to put on the list:


[Edit] Update: Looks like the video eventually appeared

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