Camera Fun Pro Review : Unique effects for a camera app

I’d probably this app is a 3 star hotel, but I’ll go with 5 because the idiots have taken over positions for another free app of the day. Let me dispel some of the ignorance will on.Before a request to add your vote because of permissions, a person would look with a little intelligence, which means that the permit or even think. Profile coordinates, while “scary” is very common in applications. When an application wants to have nothing in it, where the urge, or send a file to someone, it is necessary to read your contacts. Android permissions are grouped together to read and write he says, if it never actually write to your contacts. One minute of research would provide this information, but it is apparently difficult for these poor people. And removal of file systems should be obvious, but again there is no brain in the region. If you still have a photo app, where you think the pictures go? This may be the more difficult you make in your life, but we try to think for one second. Must obtain images on the SD card and SD card stores a file system. I bet it would be possible to mount the file system if they wanted to write it! Now for the application. The effects are your typical simple Photoshop filters. I have the EVO 4G and it works a little slow just because it has to deal with the filter in real time. I see no picture with effects app, I’d give it 3 stars for that.I keep that in the last two stars because it lacks customization. Some filters can not be as sepia and black and white can be adjusted, but I feel like the other alphabet and be able to swirl. Overall, this is not a bad application, and it has unique characteristics, but could use some improvements.

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