CamScanner Free - Phone to Scanner Review : G2 user..  no problem here

I take some users have problems g2 CamScanner free to go to work. This is not the case with me. Perhaps the version on Amazon is somewhat different than those on the market? I’m not sure. I will say that I have used both the free version of CamScanner, and I found it so useful that I bought the full version. Surely now it has paid off. For example, in the courthouse, I needed a copy of a document, and they wanted me for free copy … No need! I pulled CamScanner and bam! Also this other time I was designing a book … I wanted to analyze some of these ancient works of art of the original book, but it was too small for a space flatbed scanner … bam! CamScanner to the rescue! I used it for creative projects, situations where I wanted to keep a copy of the document I signed, but could not take it for a reason .. and much more. all this on my G2.

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