CamScanner License Review : One of Android's BEST apps but beware!!

I’m the kind of person who likes the idea of ​​scanning email barbecue recipes, and articles from magazines for digital retrieval and organization. I even went so far as to buy a top of the line Scansnap 1500 (highly recommended) scanner to help me with it. You can be my surprise when I tell you that in very few occasions, this software is $ 2 (for sale) more useful than my $ 400 mega-scanner! The quality is as good as your phone / tablet of the camera and the design is very well thought out advice out.One other commentators have been extremely helpful to download the free version of the Android Marketplace and earn the license as the Amazon This version is younger and will most likely continue to be updated more. If you plan to buy an app, you mean the way they get to the place that ‘care’ out. AMAZON must improve if they want business people! I use this on a Samsung 4G Epic.

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