CamScanner License Review : Very useful app

So they had this app on sale and I decided to bite. For the price you can not go wrong. I use the free version of almost half a year on my HTC Liberty. Recently I had to scan a couple of school documents. I have no scanner, so the next best thing was this App. I mean, I’m in school and do I really spend money on a scanner stupid? No problems at all. The document scans are very clear and legible. The only drawbacks are the limitations of the free version (the ads are less intrusive, though). With the free version you can scan 50 pages with 10 pages per document and is only 3 scans “batch” mode. In addition, you deal with that annoying watermark on the bottom of the page.

With all these limitations are of the license on. You can autoscan as many documents as you. No watermarks more, no more ads.

I found something very interesting .. I originally installed version Android on my phone (not the version of Amazon). Once I installed the license Amazon, she opened the version of Android. According to the “About”, it is now the full version. And what do I do this? Well, what I observed (I’m not 100%), Amazon seems to have licenses compatible with the Android Market applications. If you are concerned about waiting for the latest on Amazon angry, you can simply download and install the software under license from the Market Square. Thus the license here to buy cheaper and faster updates on the Android Market. This feature only works with applications, licenses, or actual keys. Guess if I were, is another app that can do this with power amp.

Anyway, hope this is useful for those still interested in the full version. I am not approved by the dev, but I am of them and Amazon paid to say this. If you want to check my profile for other comments about the fabrics I bought from Amazon lol! I’m just a regular Amazon here. Cheers.

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