Casino BlackJack! Review : Simple, perhaps too simple

Testing Equipment: Samsung Epic officially Android 2.2

Playing cards and phones go, the two go hand in hand. Casino Blackjack! is one of many compatible blackjack games for mobile phones Android platform, but apparently not with pills. On the visual side, it looks pretty good. The graphics are well done, easy to read on the card faces, and large buttons. No sound, but is a major disappointment for me. Another is unfortunate that this single player, one-handed, without AI players or play online. On a good note, it uses the rules in Vegas, remember your customers and offers a cheat function. Although it is suggested that you use it to before hitting the casinos, practice blackjack casino! missing tools for strategies of Paris, in list, or even the standard rule sheet, how to play the odds. It’s not a bad application at any price, than the average in its current form. A better option would be real time blackjack, which is much more complete.

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