CGM Call Girl Manager Review : Still too beta to fully enjoy

Testing Equipment: Samsung Epic officially Android 2.2

Reminds me a lot of AOT CGM Parallel Kingdom is a site-specific low as graphics like the old BBS Bordello and many similar titles. It is playable, but you must be prepared to deal with errors, and there are many of them yet. CGM requires wireless location services, Wi-Fi devices that leaves in the cold. I can not honestly say that I fully understand the purpose of location-based game is another problem that the lack of having a world for people in the game, not apparently that CGM does not matter what that you put in after you are first start time. Your daughters are equal if the same amount in the middle of a thriving city or in the middle of nowhere, which is evidence suggesting the absence of position in. Currently, there are often accidents, especially in the collection of girls often forget that you move your men and give them things, and the user interface has some problems. It could be a fun game, when all the kinks on (no pun intended) to work, but I think most are not satisfied by it in its current state.

I hope you found this helpful, and if not, feel free to comments / questions on the left.

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