Contract Killer Review : The

I have this game for almost a month and when she started entertaining, it quickly became clear, you will not really be able to get the best weapons w / out installation of sales announced. Since the game made no sense of time that I thought to give a shot. I also went through the registration process Netflix, but I’ve never been credited for the application. Your Tapjoy advertising company gave me more than a week to run a nonsense when I corresponded with more than four different people (all demand the same things I had already sent), then they will say I leave you with ease and is never static. Now, like everyone else I will send an e-mail from Netflix said “Thank you for signing up for Netflix,” if I could not follow the process from beginning to end? The total load of shit of their non-ad business, and Glu Mobile Tapjoy do anything to help, they send it again right Tapjoy. I would avoid this game and others are forever Warriors, as they are built, massive waste of time, if you real money to spend precious stones / receive credits.

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