Cribbage Pro Online Review : Great app but it just updated with ADS -- *BOO*

I am a big fan of this game since I bought it several months back. It plays just like the real thing, the computer player mode is simply addictive. Sometimes it seems that the bridge is not random mix, or the computer is still all in good hands, but I think it’s realistic too. It works great on my Nexus One mobile phone is, but on my Xoom tablet.

The online mode is also excellent. On the Android store, there are a million reviews, with many online games, saying that with strangers is problematic because the server is overloaded, and the players leave midway, when they lose. I agree with the suggestion that players should be punished in the common rating system. However, I did that my daughter is at university (with the iPhone version) to play and have never had a problem.

The bad news is that I just put on and it started to display ads. I do not think it’s good for a paid app. Seriously, bad system fullerene form. It would be a rating of five stars were, but if the ads I will continue something that is not for me to find advertising on my own machine.

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