Deadly Dungeons RPG Review : fun app, could be better with a few mods

It’s a fun game. I enjoyed playing the old school. A few things could do better. For example, a quick button to switch between weapons switch local and remote to be nice. For example, with a bow from a distance, like the monsters before they are close to moving, so you want the sword / ax, the most damage. A quick (bow to the sword / ax) button would be perfect. The other idea is that if you break to get re-arming with weapons different than you. Currently, if you pause, you can take all of your character. In addition, the level is correct, but for such a short game first, you barely have a chance to try new powers. It would be nice to be able to try other options. You can play a new game with your character with all his / her arms, etc. In short, not bad for a soft. I play more, to try new forces, but the level is rising slowly after playing the game throughout for the first time.


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