DejaOffice Review : Too many hours wasted with tech support

I have a longstanding relationship record (Office already has) and have been very successful at it to synchronize my BlackBerry with my ACT database. Since I started using in June swithced be an Android phone (HTC EVO) and forced Deja Office, I can not count the hours I lost the phone with technical support. I’m supposed to climb higher level technicians, and no one can seem to fix, and now they are not even return my emails and repeated phone calls. Terrible! The program is unpredictable sync, it deletes some data (I have 5000 contacts in ACT there is to know where a nightmere contacts screws), and it will not delete the other categories that I do not want the phone. I just realized that it eliminates a number of my contacts with the family of my ACT database and they are not on the phone any more. I demand my money now.

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