Diet & Food Tracker - By SparkPeople Review : Can't handle portion size

[Works on any HTC Droid Incredible 2]

This app is great for people who are “eating plans” to use. I do not have an account on the appropriate Web site – I want something to work specifically on the phone without extra stuff.

I just tried my calculation in my breakfast and lunch. In an attempt to give 3-room, I had two problems:

First Hummus, 1 / 4 cup. It forces me to give the amount in ounces. I do not know how many oz. It is 1 / 4 cup. I could not get out my kitchen scale an app that is supposed to make things easier to use.

Second fresh cherries, 2 cups. Ok, it was easy. The calories do not meet nutritional databases [….] – this soft has much less calories than NAL – but at least I managed to enter the exact amount.

3rd frozen broccoli, 1 cup. I can not eat the amount I’m actually – I have to enter the packet size. Well, that’s just ridiculous. I will not eat a package of 10 ounces or 1 pound package.

I give the 3-star app. It seems to work well, but it is totally useless for me because it can not handle portion size (I do not know how it would work, if I registered on their website, but it is not a prerequisite for the use of the application.)

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