Discretion 3D RPG Review : Promising, but problems

I can only play this a star now, because the keys that suppose to be in the upper left corner (to rent you a potion of healing and saving) are not there. I play this on a Galaxy Tab 10.1, so I do not think it would be a problem of the screen is too small. It seems a problem with the keys will be too high. I say this because the quest log, which is truncated in the upper right corner. I can only the bottom edge of the book, but enough to make me feel, and reopen it. On the upper left corner, I see a line where I think it should be the key, but it is not enough to make me enter, and open it. It’s a litte difficult to talk to people in the city. You must double-tap just right, without having to walk in front of them. Shops must be identified. A sort of sign or one day on the heads of traders. But I think this game shows POTIENTIAL great! I really. It is an excellent example of what is possible in the 3D format fantastic for Android. I hope devolpers and others to continue working with this format.

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