Documents To Go Full Version Key Review : Needs better interface

I do not know how anyone can say is a good application of counterintuative is in his heart. You open a Word file, and try to write it. Oh wait, you can just type no, go to the menu key, click through and select Edit more! WTF? Why do I need an edit button? I do not need a desk, why do I need on my phone? I should be able to click on the application and start typing. nope works that way. Second, when you edit a button, because some assinine requirements has to use Android fine. At the very least brought to the attention that the first menu selection. Its pretty much the only reason why you should buy this app! Sheesh, it functioned more as a document editor on old Palm Treo, as it does on my new Evo! I mean, c’mon, really? This is part unintuative In fact, I uninstalled, even if I paid money straight out of irritation to use it! Download Evernote place! it is better for your hands down and it’s not $ 15 dollars!

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