dxTop Pro: Home Alternative Review : Mediocre.

The pitcher is nothing spectacular,

He will not leave your own widgets. It removes all the ones I used, and he could not re-attach the two widgets, I want to use the Real ID blizzards and Fancy Widget Pro.

The screen is slow to respond to my inspiration, and I did not like the home screen was now clear to the law and not in the center of their against-Setup. I also link to a friend of mine has a atrix, dual cores and a larger base of active memory in which, he says, it also slows down the whole unit. so clearly they need to do some serious optimizations.

The lock screen is mimic the iPhone lock screen, which in turn very slow to respond and feels awkward and slow to react

The menu for the application of a single button in the middle is a fairly smooth.

Adding instant access to your text messaging program is pretty cool, but it’s not really set individually

It has the potential, but it needs to go a hell of a long road to get there.

I give this two stars because it has very interesting ideas and possibilities, nothing terrible innovative or remarkable. He comes to work.

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