Everlands Review : Excellent board game

It is basically a game based on war strategy hex board in a beautifully packaged app. The presentation is excellent, and that is all around one of the top quality games, I played on Android.

My only criticism is that the mechanics of the game, so the learning curve is inevitable over the abrupt end. The developer has to minimize a good job they have done as much as possible, and it is a very good tutorial and a hint system extremely competent beating Smart Moves. You could probably beat the campaign mode together under the proposed relocation always blindly by a reference system.

However, if you are past the point where you want to count on the index system, moved to strike a graduate, it can be quite hard barrier. The main difficulty is that there is a wide variety of animals to make your army, each with a unique attack pattern that governs hexagons, which can attack and a unique special power. In order to properly place your own animals, you must be very aware of which areas each is monitored against further attacks and at what level of force. However, the real difficulty, you must consider that the animals could be determined by your opponent to attack, considering the two directions of attack and each has special powers. So play at this level of capability requires that you be familiar with the patterns of attack and the powers of all the animals when you beat the campaign without that level of course.

I think the game would be much more sensitive to its difficulty, without losing balance and game design, if you could see your opponent to play the parts still available.

Despite the learning curve for those who like strategy game with Android, I have not seen a better game out there yet.

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