Everlands Review : Fun Strategy Game

Download this as a free application of the day. Can not go wrong with a game, right? So it is a hexagonal strategy game around wild animals. This is a story mode, where you can go to any level and fight different animals. It is good because it teaches you a certain strategy as you go, and increases in difficulty. There is not yet come, but it is interesting enough that I want, as long as it remains interesting and not to try too hard. The animals all have different powers that make them unique, they have different attack patterns, attack power and health. The premise is that you are fighting “evil” animals, and when you defeat them, they do well. Want to have completed more than 50% of the hexagons with animals well, when the hexagons are filled (with terminal). Concept works perfectly for a fun phone. Game works fine on my Motorola Atrix. I have not tried the “HD” version.

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