FRG Deluxe Review : Overhead shooter with optional OpenFeint (multiplayer, achievements, ranking)

BRD is an arcade shooter rather deep (18 levels) appears to be fairly well on a honeycomb target. I’m not obsessed with arcade games, but that was pretty funny for the first few levels, I tried. It’s a multiplayer option via OpenFeint (look in Wikipedia), you join and set your own multiplayer modes are: Deathmatch and Capture the Flag two. OpenFaint is also activated if provides benefits to you and ask you on the leaderboard. You can update your profile or a numeric identifier will be assigned to you.


You control a robot armed – and you can upgrade and adapt – and essentially clear the map by shooting your opponents. On a board, you have the right and left thumb-directional joystick to control the movement and direction of your weapons. There are also two buttons, which, at the level I played, you are given a pulse (beat) and one is for switching weapons.

You can use your robot – for example, you can improve your speed, but that would reduce your speed and power. Throughout the game you will receive upgrades (weapons) and several robots to choose from.

If you enable OpenFeint you win a lot of success and access to community features such as multiple sets related forums.


On my XOOM, the game switches between portrait and landscape modes. The stretch “to fill the screen” mode will actually get a map hi-res, while “Zoom” is a lower resolution to a larger robot, but you will see a much smaller section of the map.

Playing on the XOOM to take does not seem to use “tip”, but the virtual joysticks and buttons work well and are very sensitive. The game crashed several times, but not during the game. Only after I had it for a few minutes at idle so it will not be possible to test the tablet, turned into “sleep” mode.

Is it fun?

It depends on what you expect and what are your coordinates. It is a pure shooter with RPG elements close to zero. You shoot things, and if you’re good at it, you get a better robot with better weapons and skills so you can make more enemies. If you select “Multiplayer” go, you can either shoot all the other guys or shoot the other team.


This is a 4-stars (I love). It’s great fun as an arcade game, and it can make a fun group, if you go multiplayer. My tablet is not fully supported, and there are some minor stability issues, but I think 90-95% of the overall game experience as it is, and further improvements are likely to improve this situation.

Knowing what I know now I would pay $ 3 to buy this game? Probably not, because I’m more in the RPG, but my kids tell me they were teenagers. I have my copy as “App of the Day”, but when you have to pay for it, I suggest you first try to choose the free version first (6 levels) and whether it is worth more dollars.

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