Frogger Review : Too shady of permissions

An app is not paid advertising, why she wants to know where I am? The last time I was playing Frogger at the arcade, he did not try to ask me, my accounts, either.To all of you, why do we complain to allow complaints in reviews: Shut Up ‘s back. These are permissiond a feature of the game, we can not control. Therefore, we have the right to evaluate the characteristics of this game, as we see fit. We put our complaint here for others to be warned. I hate phishing sites and phishing apps hatred. I have the absolute right to evaluate each application according to my taste. The app can do what she says, but I do not know how he does what he does. The app can not do what I like to see, others can be agreed. We say the same thing again and again to inform developers and others – an independent review is unnecessary. This is the real purpose of a journal – like when I comment on the controls in a game. Most of you who do not like to be phishing developers.

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