Gem Spinner Review : 'Tis ok for free. Not worth any kind of money, unfortunately.

Not worth $ 2 because it is now. Frankly, I’m not free love … but I hope to see improvement. Polish with a bit O ‘this could be really great game. It is innovative, which is always nice. Yes, it is a set of jewelry, but it is different. There is nothing like Tetris, either and idk why people compare the two. There are Tetris-like shapes that fall into place on their own. Within each form are gems. You have 3 or more gems by swapping game, but you can not turn a a jewel with its outside “Tetris Shape.” You can rotate the shape but also for precious stones, where they go.Here ‘s, which takes the game needs a lot: first, the game is simply ugly, old, and the graphics are looking cheap. In addition, you need to do something for “Tetris shapes” fit. You just fall in random places, and sometimes seemingly random. It just sits there spinning one of two ways, and it would be funner if you could use a little more to this. Towards the end of each level there are forms taken away and no way to stop the game by nesting. They have only met before, it feels like you never really achieve something or done. Once the parts are spread out and not moving can be done, you just stop and move to the next level. I hate that! I want a way to be able to forms where you want to fit … at least at the end … to try to finish the level as much as possible. Or, if they fit better. idk … it just missed something! I really think it would be great if it just a little tighter. I hope they will continue to improve it … otherwise they are not made very good, I’m afraid.

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