Godville Review : Game is exactly what it says

First of all, I mean
“Godville is a zero clearance (ZPG), while parodying the typical style of MMO games with high levels tedious to Internet memes and ordinary daily activities … He will fight monsters, collect, and earn gold, Leave only thing to do in every game, things -. sit down and have fun ”

Well, what part is it so confusing that ruin so many young lives, it was enough to leave a review stars and insults? You downloaded a game you can not play, they said, and then you notice how angry you are not playing? Of course, all five stars on a 173 person sitting at home putting critics on each site, the applications that will list the critical Godville. That must be it will not be possible for you (in the words of Brandon) are fools that games like this rate simply because you do not throw on a pair of oversized shoulder pads and go their own level of about 10 with n00bies raid 20?

Very sad and pathetic.

Anyway, this game is a kind of perfect for people with little free time. Quite simply, your hero is an idiot, which, it is best to go get drunk and lose a kidney than to buy weapons, but that’s part of the decision of fun. You can turn the hero into a saint constantly encouraged by him or turn it into a vicious circle punish all the time. You can send commands to the chicane, joy, surprise, or to surprise him. In such a simple structure, there are a lot of fun.

Btw, you can also play online godvillegame.com – so you may not need it on your phone or permanently on your mobile phone. I still play and have my phone turned off most of the day at work. If there is a fear that there is a “waste of space”, and it is not possible, the extremely low (of course I understand that people have to say sarcastically, trying to love the game a waste of life to spare, but I will answer this question yet), so no worries. Just open your browser on your cell phone or a local computer and connect and play.

And if reading comprehension is so severe that reading, what is this game, and other critics, do not tell you that you do not play a game that is obviously not against you, let your parents know and you are not the company.

Download NOW!!!