Golf Frontier GPS Review : Review fluffing? Seriously?

People here are so quick to take to notice bad dev, and the software is free only for half an hour. So someone said, it has improved their game, posting its review shortly after midnight … Just because it’s the FAotD that does not mean it’s not for some time in the Appstore, it a. And the fact that no dev and therefore give others the right to a star of the application. Also there was no praise of critics of free software, contrary to what some have said. Just felt compelled to speak before the frenzy of a star began.

The program does not give the possibility to move the SD card, but only place 840kb course before downloading maps. Permissions are very reasonable, appropriate and non intrusive (32 reviews so far no one has complained about this) – there is not one of those mysterious, the result would be zero head 0:59. So far the application seems solid, but I’ll write a proper review later … I’m not much of a moon golfer.

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