Guns'n'Glory FREE Review : Must Have Free Android Game

This is my first review, and I was forced to do so, because this game it deserves. I took this as one of the offers on the market every day from Amazon and I’m glad I do! The adjustment stop the old west with a bunch of bandits, some settlers (and gold) to make their way through states. The game is very well balanced, the controls are to respond, great graphics and you can light, medium or hard, depending on the weapon set spinning know-how for the day. I recommend this game if you turn in games or just looking to try your hand behind a Gatling gun.

The Good
* Many, many maps (more on the way)
* Well developed Thurs
* Line Great fun little story (oh the poor settlers:))

The Bad
(Maybe this will be resolved with the next release) * In case of failure of an aircraft, it is unclear how start vs

The Ugly
* Nada

Overall very good game for the price! I give it 5 stars!

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