iDisplay Review : Works as Promised

I chose this because I wanted our own mini-toolbar to all the windows in programs like Photoshop and Gimp. I also wanted a small window where I could to incoming mail without having to go see the tasks. iDisplay works like a charm! The refresh rate is slow (maybe 10 fps), but it is perfect for my needs. I also like how you can interact with your desktop using the touch screen – I mean as a tablet and a color palette, I can change colors with my fingers.

My setup is a laptop with Windows 7 and Creative ZiiO with Android 2.2. I do not know if the software runs on Android 3.0. It works when I plugged a second monitor

I think it’s a $ 5 portable secondary display – very handy to have and works great as long as all goes well with 10 fps frame rate.

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