Imperio - Take control - Remote Desktop, RDP Review : A message from Dan Metcalfe - CEO of Imperio

Hello Julia!

Your message has been bought to my attention and is very accurate.
Imperio is actually a PDR, not a VNC client, as you point out quite rightly … We believe that the VNC managed item in our store to somehow creep as part of the Amazon team final adjustments before the start. We sometimes use VNC in our search terms, most likely, it came into contact as it is as much our fault that there was not, as we should have seen!

Thank you for your message all references to VNC has now been withdrawn, we are in your debt – Superstar!

If you want a full refund, we will surely punish … I think you apply it to your Amazon account.

We want every user to Imperio a very rewarding experience, very sorry, but this false description of your booty.

~ Dan, CEO

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