Jewels Review : Bad Bejeweled clone

What is with this Bejeweled clone for Android? It seems that there are hundreds of Bejeweled clones, but no one seems to do well (except Jewellust – best Bejeweled clone for Android). At least if you are to clone a game to make some sort of gimmick in the damn thing. This clone is very annoying. The game has no music, so you forced to sit and listen, drop by the sound effects of jewelry. In addition, there is no story mode, which means you can forget any replay value. The most fun in this game you try to beat your best score. Fortunately Jewelry comes with a dash line that allows you to submit your high score online features. I honestly would not try because of the pain, a high score on this game boring beyond. The modes are normal, temporary, quick and infinite.

** Audio **
Jewelry is extremely lacking a basic soundtrack. The sound effects are mostly what you hear during the game.

** ** Visuals
The substantive changes on its own, nothing special or remarkable.

** ** Checks
The controls are fairly simple, just click on a gem to select it and click on another jewel in more than two or more matching gems drop a line.

** ** R. I
The AI ​​is not very difficult, but I was once forced to leave a game because there is no longer possible movements. I found it odd that ends your game instead of stocking jewelry jewelry.

There are better Bejeweled clones on the open market and paid for. Jewellust clones is one of the best paid and a story mode, tips and great sound. Despite the lack jewelry free in all areas and not worth a download, even if the game is free. Two stars because it is free, if it were a paid app, I would give him a star.

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