JogTracker Review : Uses more battery than anticipated

I have a Samsung Vibrant Froyo. I have used for the purpose of my adventures RunKeeper bike, and found aomewhay glitchy. When I saw this as an alternative, I jumped at the chance. I like that you can see in real time, which she thinks is your cell phone with you. Because you can tell if your GPS is out of alignment or if I do reboot.What as necessary, I do not get to take the 26 miles on my bike. Even I know it’s not that far, but I had to stop half way there (about 90 minutes, 20 miles) My phone died before I made at home with you. I do not have the support site I have not tested a pulse meter Bluetooth. In my experience, I would not use HRT only device because of battery problems. I am reluctant to follow through with the site, because I can not wait to plug into my itinerary. I miss the ability to run on my post on Facebook to share with my family, my partner often bike. As for the Pro upgrade, I’m not entirely convinced that it stops automatically. My times were about the same as RunKeeper, which is not auto-pause when the phone shuts your interferences and short term.

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