JuiceDefender - battery saver Review : This really works!

I used this software free for about a week and it works great! I use the default “balanced” settings and it was declared a savings Battery 1.6 to 1.8 and I believe him. Instead of lasting one day or a day and a half, I can actually disappeared (used in mild to moderate) with my phone charger once every two days.

It seems to be the great advantage of this application is that it turns off mobile data, if your screen for a short time, then it is again (this is my game for 15 minutes) on only periodically, making your phone to all applications and then synchronize its recovery (email, Facebook, Google Sync, etc.). It also keeps all “phone home” bloatware (stuck on a phone not rooted) of (mobile data), when he wants. This saves tons of batteries. Normally, mobile data still appears (unless turned off manually).

I feared that this app could call me or text messaging to miss, but I have not forgotten anything. In “Balanced” mode, it seems that it never goes on your mobile phone standard.

I have never bought one for my Android application, but I am considering the purchase of the Plus and Ultimate version of this app is not the added benefit of change.

Samsung Fascinate

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