Kanji Recognizer Review : An amazing tool to use, especially with WWWJDIC

I want to give this issue 4.5 stars if possible.

I studied Japanese for several years and find the kanji and kanji compounds watched most of the time reading material such as leaves, and correspondence of the class that is not in electronic form. (I’m at the point where we read authentic materials.)

Hand-painted to look for the kanji, I have a pretty expensive Kanji Jiten Sonomama Rakubiki dictionary for my DS (dictionary kanji: Kanji Jiten Sonomama Rakubiki), but I wanted something for my tablet (Transformer Asus – Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101-A1 10.1 inch Tablet PC (Tablet Only)). (That’s how I want to be yet another dictionary -. consume no pun intended)

It is very easy to kanji on the shelf to make recognized by the application. I have so I can upgrade to the compounds of kanji used in the base of Jim Breen WWWJDIC excellent for research. It took a while to understand how the kanji, instead of copying attach it to the clipboard. (Just draw, to show the proper kanji for a few seconds until the menu, and select Join.) Both applications work very well.

I want five star app if:

First More detailed instructions for use were made available.
2nd Better instructions for use with WWWJDIC were made available.
The third navigation has been improved. The Back button is the only way I can figure out how to get from one place to another.
4th update was free for owners of version WWWJDIC donations.

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