Kindle for Android Review : (v3.0.1.70) Great tablet app for Android (Motorola Xoom), BUT, with a some problems and shortcomings...

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Generally, this reader Kindle also compares to the competition and seems to work better than the Nook. It’s features are probably just about everything you could wish for readers of fiction only, including the options available on the screen according to your preferences (font size, colors, etc.) to navigate and search, bookmarks, customize and create notes.

For non-fiction study and learning (eg in a book on stock trading), lack of important features (detailed below cons, below).

To all readers, the Android version of this application are two problems (one with Whispersync and the other with books archive, see details in the cons).

Inconvenience for users who spend between devices:

First Problem Whispersync. When you switch between devices such as I (for me it is between my iPhone and Motorola Xoom), change the function Whispersync is very important. It tells the farthest point at which Amazon you have read. If you want to take your reading later on another device, the application Kindle invite you if you want to be the “most read” point to go inside the book. It is a valuable feature, but it fails too often and with no way to fix it. (Examples:. I. She accidentally Contents link to go far in the book or the end that I did by accident, ii a senior who will take you to the index and not the software provide Back button, then moves to the index as “most read” point mark.) This function has failed on me a few times, and there is no way “most read” Reset. Therefore, it is very difficult for the page of a book and know where I left off every time I pass devices.
Proposal, Amazonia: a “Set current position as” simply the most read “option would solve this problem.

Disadvantages for all users:

Unlike my second Kindle application for iPhone app showing Motorola Xoom is not which side you stand. On the contrary, it only indicates how much you are in a book as a percentage.

Disadvantages for non-fiction readers who are learning the study:

Can not call third bookmarks.
Impossible to rank fourth in the group bookmarks / and notes. A record system (such as Web browser bookmarks used) would be great – but a collection per pound, not a global (multi-book) collection. Of course, the ability to organize, new – from the first blocked society – would be just as important.
5th May archive free books. The iPhone has an archive option, while not the Android phone, instead it provides an option to delete. Archiving on the iPhone is a book (no matter whether free or not) in the archives. The Android version, the ability to delete a book (if it is free or not) leads to a “Paper Archive” message that appears briefly. Then, when the book was paid for a book, it will appear in the archive when it was a free book, it will disappear completely. I spent hours downloading a large number of classic last night (the books of Plato, Aristotle, the founding fathers, Thoreau, etc.), only to find that when I share my library (reading now) wants a space, do I completely remove the application, they are now archived on the iPhone, but if I want to read on my Xoom, I’ll either order them to leave my current reading room (Library) forever, or return to the Amazon, in order to search any time I want to read or refer to them and hope they are still available.

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