Legends Arcana Review : Very fun action-RPG, tons of replay value!

I bought this off Android Market regularly, but wanted to set up a review because this game deserves much credit for so much fun.

The graphics are hand drawn and have a nice cartoon style, they say, there are also some good humor in the dialogue with other characters and while some quests. Bars and is a funny character too.

You will get the skills you need to add / update you want to upgrade and there are a lot of fun because you can try out different skills – initially would have to start over (which is not a bad thing anyway), but now you can “recycle” and put your skills and distribute your layers as long as you can afford.

There are many cool abilities, some of which were made even better in recent updates (like turning enemies into blocks of ice freezes sometimes) cool weapons – swords and crossbows, armor, rings, amulets, shields, that one of the purchase and a few drops Champion after defeating the bosses in quests.

The pace of more experience and gold is perfect, so it takes some effort, but does not want to rectify blind, and you actually have to a certain strategy to fight all the monsters to use, if n is not just stupid, and it is not based on anyone.

It is a good choice to fight the creatures and quests to go further (especially after the latest update by the end of May 2011), and after all that, there is the “Endless Dungeons” (not really, but its still a good challenge) with a ranking for the fighting spirit.

I’m more for games that I played less well paid, which is more valuable than its Schedule to $ 1.99. And developers are very committed, they are quite fast on the e-mail or reply in the forum, and even suggestions for weapons, creatures, statistics, etc. simply the best game for Android, IMO.

Download NOW!!!