LEGO Minifig Collector Review : A great way to track your minifigs! Now updated with series 5!

I love my little collection of Lego mini-figure, but I confess, in the past he was a little difficult to keep track of all. I do not know exactly what I have and what I do not (although I geishas tonnes). I’m not always sure what in the bags before buying them, which of course part of the point.

Fortunately, this little app tracks the numbers I give myself a very good way to tell who, what, when I look at the bag (there is a small code of bumps, you know) are. You can keep track of what you have and how much and what you still need. You can even get the correct name of all the characters and pictures of each.

In fact, since the application is free, I can not recommend it. A great download for anyone who collects miniature figurines! And it is not free, it would still be worth it,! It’s so good.

Download NOW!!!